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disel-repair-wilmer-txDiesel drivers know the advantages of diesel engines when it comes to power and ease of maintenance. That being said, there are times when your diesel engine will require a repair. When that happens, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out. We offer bumper-to-bumper truck and trailer repair.

TAT Express is here to make sure that you are safe on the road. If your truck happens to break down before you can get to us, let one of our friendly staff members know and we will send out our mobile service unit. We know how much you ask of your diesel engine and that is why we have the latest in tools and know-how to quickly diagnose any issue you may be experiencing in regards to your workhorse.

Diesel Maintenance Hutchins, TX

Be sure to look up your manufacturer’s suggestions when it comes to maintaining your diesel engine. It is important to follow this maintenance schedule to keep your warranty intact. It is also important to remember that you can have maintenance and repair services performed at any shop of your choice without jeopardizing your warranty.

We will show you how our excellent customer service puts us above the dealerships and competitors. We can also provide you with maintenance suggestions based on the current condition of your heavy duty truck and your average use.

Frequently, your manufacturer’s suggestions are based on ideal driving conditions but, as you know, driving for long periods of time, combined with extreme weather that results in severe driving conditions, will significantly shorten the time between having necessary service done.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have about your vehicle and we will be happy to answer them for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are ready and willing to help. You can also schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you!

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