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    EGR Cooler Leak

    An internal or external loss of coolant on your Cummins ISX 15 must be checked correctly in order to determine the root cause.  Before troubleshooting, it is important to also determine the exact complaint by interviewing the driver and looking at the ECM information.  Coolant loss is a major issue and must be repaired at
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    Why DPF Maintenance is Important

    DPF maintenance is crucial when it comes to keeping your truck on the road. Manufacturers have come up with a variety of different systems, mostly a 1-box configuration with newer systems as well as separate component systems. In addition, they both consist of a DOC/DPF and a SCR catalyst. These systems depend on each other

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    Air In Fuel System Check Hutchins TX

    Air in the fuel being supplied to the engine can cause a number of problems including hard starting and poor performance. Air can enter the fuel system at several points such as: + Cracked pickup tube in the fuel tank (low fuel) + Loose suction side fuel supply lines + Damaged primary fuel filter seals

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