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Adam-GarciaGrowing up, I was always interested in the mechanics of how engines work. I remember I would disassemble everything I got my hands on to see how it worked. As a teenager, I was already working on my own vehicle and, by that time, had torn down a few smaller engines from dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.

At a very young age, I already had a great understanding of engines. My mother and father were both hard workers and showed me the importance of hard work and having the ability to support yourself. After high school, I decided to enlist in the United States Air Force and attained a high score in the entry- level exams. My primary job for the USAF was in mobile radar. The USAF gave me a board education of electronics, radio frequency and instilled in me their core values: “Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do.” While stationed in South Korea, I received a lot of mobility training; that is where I was first introduced to the M35 series 2 ½ ton multi-fuel 6×6 cargo truck. Since my first vehicle was an inline 6 Ford F-150 5 speed manual, I already knew how to drive a stick shift and was the only person able to drive the M35 in my squad. At that time, I was only 19 and was driving the M35 loaded with my squad through South Korea. I became more and more interested in how diesel engines worked and in the equipment we would haul around.

After my time in the service, I worked a couple of different jobs but always felt I was meant for more. In 2005, I decided to work with a longtime friend who had his own diesel repair shop. In 2008, after a few years of learning the trucking industry and saving money by living with my grandmother, I opened my own shop. At that time, we were called Texas A Trucks, and only did PM services. I gained knowledge about on-highway diesel engines very quickly and, after just a few years, I successfully passed the examinations and met the work experience requirements prescribed by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence in the Medium/ Heavy Truck Technician category. But I didn’t stop there. I acquired subscription licenses for Volvo/Mack, Detroit, Cummins and Paccar, continuing to broaden my education and understanding of the different engine platforms.

I have always believed that education never ends, and it should be a way of life to always strive for self-improvement and never stop learning. Now we are TAT Express Inc. and service all on-highway engines and aftertreatment systems. TAT Express’ team of technicians have a combined 30 plus years of experience in truck drive trains, chassis, diesel engines and the electrical systems that control them. Our team of professionals know what hard work is and, like the core values of the USAF, we are professionals built on integrity, who strive for excellence.

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Adam Garcia

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